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About Our School


“No Box”


  1. Respect
  2. Leadership
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Integrity


North Edgecombe High School prepares students for E5(“E to the fifth power”) through C6 (“C to the sixth power”) while operating with a “no box” mindset.  Our greatness cannot be confined.

E5     Vision

North Edgecombe High School graduates will exhibit….

    • Exploration- Teaching and learning will enhance graduates’ capacity and desire to independently pursue knowledge
  • Enrollment- Graduates will recognize the importance of participation in the educational process as the means to their success
  • Employment- Graduates will be competitive in a global workforce
  • Enlistment- Graduates who choose to serve in U.S. Armed Forces will be well-equipped to serve their country with distinction
  • Excellence - Students will press for the fullest realization of their potential for greatness

C6      Mission

North Edgecombe High School’s mission is to provide educational equity and excellence to our community’s most promising future leaders by establishing a deep commitment to being….

  • Confident- Students believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world around them
  • Creative - Students are innovators who find unique ways to express themselves and their ideas.
  • Critical thinkers- Students can approach problems from a variety of perspectives to find authentic solutions
  • Communicative- Students can advocate for themselves and others with a capacity to express their perspectives to diverse audiences
  • Collaborative- Students can work alongside others effectively
  • Community Oriented- Students are committed to making a positive difference in their community all of our efforts.