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On Monday, February 20, 2017, NEHS began our POWER Lunch Initiative.  The acronym POWER stands for PLAN, ORGANIZE, WORK, EAT AND RELAX.  Students have two forty-five minute periods to make the most of their day.  For those who need more time in the classroom, teachers assign and provide daily tutorials and remediation.  If students are being successful during class time, they have the opportunity to go to the gym, media center or visit different classes to experience a wide variety of clubs and activities.  Below is the POWER Lunch presentation, the POWER Lunch schedule, POWER Lunch Master Schedule and an example of a student schedule for a week.  Students create these schedules each Friday in preparation for the following week.  With any privilege comes responsibility so any students who fail to follow their schedule and do not report to their assigned/designated site will have to report to POWER detention  from 10:30-12:00.