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Principal's Message

Dear Warrior Family, 

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2019-2020 school year. I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation. Though short, I hope you found it to be mentally and physically vitalizing and that you are energized for another incredible year. I am privileged to continue to serve as your North Edgecombe High School Principal. It is an honor to lead alongside a community, who believes in the unbridled potential of every student; who holds unrelenting optimism and has chosen to run towards curiosity, learning, and who is committed to contributing to the next horizon. Our collective belief that education can be transformative—for kids, for families, for our society, will continue to move us closer to radically redefining what’s possible in our school community. 

This summer, our faculty members have been focused on developing their talents, so that our students can continue to develop as critical thinkers that question, make meaning, and solve problems. Our staff has worked vigorously to prepare their classrooms, their lesson plans, and our school for our best year yet. 

Our staff is committed to building authentic relationships with every scholar to provide them with a learning space that fosters hope, love, and community. We are dedicated to pushing our students to uncover purpose and realize their greatest ambitions. We see our student leaders as autonomous agents of change, innovators, and co-creators of knowledge. This year, we will continue to set our goals high and will not stop until we reach them. 

We are excited to continue to forge a new path forward and continue to craft a reimagined learning experience that is inclusive of the hopes and dreams that our community has for itself.  This year, we will continue the learning and momentum we have built as a community. We are looking forward to supporting students in finding their passion, building their passion, and using their passion to create broad lasting change. Our charge is mighty, and this is a group worthy of it. 

Cheers to the 2019-20 school year! 

Mr. Cannon