Ms. Olson Home Page

Hello Warriors!

My name is Ms. Olson and I’m so excited to join the North Edgecombe family this year as your 9th grade English teacher. I can't wait to get to know all of you, but first I'll share a little bit about me-- I grew up in Raleigh, but spent a few years in Pittsburgh, where I received a BA in English from Carnegie Mellon University. I'm very excited to be back in North Carolina, and to have the opportunity to get to know the Edgecombe County community. 

Parents and guardians, because I am new to the North Edgecombe community, it’s especially important for me to drawn on your expertise and experience with your child’s education so that I may help you create increased opportunities for your child’s future. Throughout this semester, please feel free to contact me as often as you would like to, and expect that I will be reaching out to you as well with updates on your child’s progress. On the sidebar, you will find information about how to contact me, as well as an overview of the course, class expectations, and the grading system.

Let's come together this year to create many opportunities for excellence in learning! I'm so excited to see the amazing things that we will accomplish together.

-Ms. Olson

North Side, Strong Side!
Feel free to call/text me on my work number: 252-563-3365.