About Us

ECPS Graduate Aims

By the time School of Innovation students are 25…

  • Graduates will know their purpose and passion, and be living this out

  • Graduates will possess global awareness and agency

  • Graduates will be making positive contributions to their community

  • Graduates will create or seize opportunities to return to—or stay—in Edgecombe County

  • Graduates will be resilient in the face of challenge


We create life-changing learning experiences. We foster loving, inclusive environments. We dismantle barriers and advocate for equity.

Power at NEHS

POWER is a period of time within the NEHS school day that’s dedicated to academic enrichment, passion exploration, and community building. POWER stands for Plan, Organize, Work, Engage, Relax. It’s broken into two 45-minute sessions, which are called POWER A and POWER B.

POWER allows all students to get academic support and participate in clubs and other activities without worrying about staying after school.

In addition to that, POWER is fun! We love POWER because it brings joy to the school day and allows us to build community.

Flextime Manager

Every week, students have a new POWER schedule that says what they’ll be doing each day during POWER A and POWER B. This POWER schedule is in an online platform called Flextime Manager. Sometimes students are assigned to POWER activities, but a lot of the time, students get to choose their activities.

  • In order to create their weekly POWER schedules, all students must use Flextime Manager.

  • In Flextime Manager, some POWER activities will be assigned to students, while others are up to students to select.

  • Students have dedicated time in Advisory to create their schedule each week. Students who fail to create a schedule or stick with their schedule will be given a consequence.

Power Lunch Activities


  • Every Monday, all students will attend an Advisory session during POWER A or B.

  • In Advisory, teachers

    • Share announcements and updates relevant to the upcoming week

    • Facilitate relationship-building activities

Standards Labs

  • Students are assigned to academic sessions during POWER (called Standards Labs) in order to:

    • Review a concept that they struggled with

      • Get prepared to learn a new upcoming concept

      • Make up work that they were absent for or didn’t complete


Passion Blocks or Clubs

  • Students can choose to explore various interests by signing up for a passion block or club during POWER.